Monday, October 29, 2012

Christmas Warning

    On September 19, the Hallmark channel stated they would air Christmas-themed programming beginning November 9. During the last week of October, I saw a note on the Music Choice channel that they would begin their Christmas music programming on November 2.

    With the Hallmark channel that’s 46 days before Christmas; with Music Choice it’s 53 days.

    In case you haven’t heard The Little Drummer Boy a thousand times or more, now’s your chance to get the Christmas spirit — or grow weary of it before Thanksgiving.

    How is it that Muslims are satisfied with 29 or 30 days of Ramadan fasting -- like total immersion fasting -- food, sinful thoughts, bad behavior -- (Better quit here. I don’t wish to incur any Islamic Fatwahs. Perhaps they’ll let me slide for being an ignorant infidel.) and Jews are content with 8 days of Hanukah? Why does the Christian celebration require 46 or 53 days? It only took 40 days and nights of rain to accomplish the Great Flood.

            Frohe Weihnachten    Joyeux Noël    Feliz Navidad    Merry Christmas

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