Saturday, April 13, 2013

Size Matters

   Walking past a group of twenty-something women last evening, I overheard that comment again and it led me to wonder how much thought is ever given to that subject by those who utter those words. Assuming they have even a modicum of awareness of statistical distribution - the bell curve for instance - they must surely know that there are only a handful of John Holmeses (may he rest in peace) in the world and that even they have no choice in the matter.

    These young women (older ones, too, I assume) must know they have no more control over their cup size than men have over their things. Where they DO have control seems to be what they are ignoring and that reveals how insensitive they are.

W  h  o  c  o  n  t  r  o  l  s  d  i  a  m  e  t  e  r  i  n  b  i  r  t  h  i  n  g

    After the climactic spasm, normal discourse returns and that occupies the other 99.9 percent of life. Intelligent discourse requires a large mind - an open mind - so in that regard size does matter. In that regard, cup size and penile bulk are meaningless.

We’ll give you our heart; we’ll give you our soul. Beyond that we’ve not much control.
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