Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hibernation Is Over:The Old Dinosaur Returns

Hibernation Is Over:The Old Dinosaur Returns

The past year and a half have brought a series of events so daunting that I could not overcome the distractions sufficiently to concentrate on writing. Now, the positives include being on the threshold of returning to my part time job. This is very good since the negatives include having arrived at a state of meager subsistence.

In November of 2014, my paid-for car legally parked at the curb was totaled by a hit and run driver. The insurance settlement was inadequate to replace my car and attempts to bring it up to Pennsylvania Enhanced Inspection standards failed even after substantial spending on repairs. I found another car but incurred several years of car payments in the process.

About the same time another tenant in my building brought bedbugs home from somewhere. He said nothing and did nothing for more than four months and by the time I figured out where the marks on my linens were coming from, the building was infested. The landlord, presumably ignorant about the scourge these vermin present, was slow to engage a professional exterminator. In fact, it wasn’t until the day before the city’s deadline to condemn the building that he got a reprieve from the city by hiring an exterminator. 

Their first treatment was to heat the whole house to a sustained temperature above 120 degrees. This killed 98 percent of them. They followed up with chemical treatments every two weeks for two and a half months. Now I can happily say the bedbugs are gone. But the disruption is still somewhat ongoing. It’s like having to move multiple times for treatment access and to remove target nest sites. Now I’m moving in again without ever having moved out – bags and boxes to unpack to return things to where they were before.

The reason for my lay off was the company’s fear I might bring uninvited “guests” to work with me and risk sharing them with co-workers. I will be talking with the company and hope they clear me to return after the Memorial Day weekend.

While enduring this whole traumatic event I once said I wouldn’t wish bedbugs on my worst enemy. After thinking about that for a while I decided I would, indeed, wish them on my enemies. But then, everybody’s safe because if I have enemies I don’t know who they are.

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