Monday, November 5, 2012

9-1-1 Shots Fired

    There was no pain. I drove another half block to an off-street vacant lot and looked down my shirt for signs of blood. There were none. When I saw the hole in what had been my driver’s side window, now-shattered, I feared I might be injured and in shock. Relieved to see no evidence of a wound and no pain, I called the police to report that I had been shot at.

    It had been a very busy night for the city police with a major shopping mall incident earlier that evening so I was pleased with their swift response. After they arrived there was the standard anecdotal recounting of what had just happened and with several police units on scene they were able to narrow down the list of suspect addresses from which the shot was fired.

    The size of the hole in the middle of my shattered glass indicated a possible .22 caliber projectile but the police suggested it might have been from a BB gun. I doubt that. I suspect a pellet gun was used although no BB or pellet or slug was found amid the glass rubble that was now in the front seat with me.

    Why? Why would someone who didn’t know me, who never met me open fire at my vehicle as I innocently drove through their block? What kind of felonious immaturity drives a presumed human being to perform such an antisocial act?

    Adding insult to injury or rather, damage, as a good driver I carry a very high deductible on my comprehensive insurance so the entire cost of replacing the window is totally out of pocket -- no insurance company involvement at all. As a limited income retiree working part time for a bit of pocket money this unexpected expense is a pain in the wallet.

    I am not the kind of person who seeks retribution and I am inclined to turn the other cheek, usually. After this, however, I sincerely hope that copious amounts of bad Karma will pay an extended visit to this anonymous, pusillanimous pussy footer!

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