Sunday, November 11, 2012


    Cheers? As in the place where “everyone knows your name”? Well, yes, but not the one in Boston. This one is a different Cheers. This one is just north of Manheim along PA route 72 near the PA turnpike interchange and that location contributes to the magic which occurs there with some degree of regularity for the present.

    That location is in the very near neighborhood of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire located on the grounds of the former Grubb mansion, the home of John Grubb and his family from the mid 18th century through the mid 20th when, no longer a Grubb property, it became the Mount Hope Estate and Winery which the Pa Renaissance Faire now calls “home”.

    This fortuitous juxtaposition is what injects into Cheers a vitality of which no other establishment can boast. The actors, singers and dancers from the Faire (they refer to the Faire as the PRF) consider Cheers their neighborhood “place” and they are individually and collectively an ensemble of such exuberant talent that any karaoke event will become memorable regardless of the theme set by the chosen preferences of the participants.

    Last night, Kristin was in a Disney theme mood. Chris by contrast did his rendition of Sinatra’s My Way after a request by Mary, Cheers’ owner, whose welcoming warmth gives the place its comfortable character.  Chris has a presence and such vocal clarity that I’m sure even old blue eyes himself would issue “Kudos”.  Kristie Yamaguchi (not the skater, the singer) did a stupendous Janis Joplin -- I think if Janis were alive and had been there, she would have been jealous it was that good!

   I was in a show tune mood so I chose to do Razzle Dazzle  from the musical, Chicago. It’s become a favorite of mine and I keep getting more comfortable with it.

    The karaoke presenter, Brandon (L-N-B Entertainment), is also a performer and a fun emcee regardless of who’s ribbing whom. To borrow from Robert Frost (Birches), “[Karaoke at Cheers] would be good either singing or listening. One could do worse than be a [singer at cheers]”.

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