Friday, March 22, 2013

Critical But Not A Critic

    I am critical. I am cynical. I am skeptical. But, I am not a critic. In this blog I might often praise a person or an establishment. When I do that I am simply sharing the fact that I’ve had a pleasant contact or experience. I am not touting any business or attempting to curry favor. It is not my purpose in life or in this blog to sell any idea or service or product.

    If I have a bad experience which others could avoid with a bit of mature “Buyer Beware” awareness, I’ll probably not say anything. If, however, I see a lurking danger which could be stumbled on to or bumbled into, I’ll probably make a comment if it’s within the subject of the blog. Otherwise, I am not going to critique anyone or anything.

    If castigation seems called for, I’ll comment on Facebook or write a letter to the editor or to an appropriate contact further up the hierarchy. Since I am officially NOT a critic, don’t assume that my silence on any subject is tacit condemnation. I’m simply pursuing other ideas.
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