Friday, December 28, 2012

Jimmy Buffett and The House of Pasta

     Jimmy sings about the dearly departed 'Bama Breeze and the good times had there.

At the Bama Breeze                                                 At the H. O. P.
You can shoot some pool down there                       You can shoot some darts in there
You can act a fool down there                                  You can act a fool in there
You can play it cool down there                                You can play it cool in there

At the Bama Breeze                                                  At the H. O .P.
You can drink some beer down there                         You can drink some beer in there
Argue, laugh, and cheer down there                           Argue, laugh, and cheer in there
Pass another year down there                                    Pass a lifetime in there

In 1984 Mick Jagger                                                  In 2012 Lady Gaga
Passed through town                                                  Passed through town
Bought the house a round                                           Don't know if she bought a round
Signed his name on the wall                                        Or signed her name on the wall
In the Ladies bathroom stall!                                       In either bathroom stall

Saturday Nights the Bouncer Grady                            Sunday nights the DJ Greg
Lets the ladies in free with the fake I.D                        Lets anybody up to sing
And the short-enough skirt                                          Even the ones who can't
Figures what the hell could it hurt                                 Figures what the hell could it hurt

Second set the owner Lulu                                           Second set Spartacus and Brie
Get's up with the band                                                  Get up with mic in hand
A beer in her hand                                                        Raise their voices to entertain
And sings "Freebird" slow                                             Here's to Drew and Michael
Then she raises a toast                                                  And all the rest                                    
Here's to Ronnie and the boys                                       Now we're all makin' noise!
Now everybody make some noise!

At the Bama Breeze                                                      At the H. O. P.
You're one of our own down there                                 You're one of our own in here
You never drink alone down there                                  You never drink alone in here
Good God I feel at home down there                             Good God I feel at home in here

Too bad Jimmy's 'Bama Breeze was destroyed but if he comes through town, 
I think he'd feel at home at the H. O. P.

#  #  #

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