Saturday, December 22, 2012

Karaoke Redux

    Since my first comments a couple months ago about karaoke and joyful noises, I have been going to a variety of karaoke venues and am increasingly impressed with the number of participants who are exceptionally talented with their musicality, their timing and their vitality. I have also discovered a new dimension to my enjoyment — not only have I relearned singing after many years, I am enjoying the nostalgic element by singing songs that I enjoyed when I was younger.

    It pleases me, too, that some listeners enjoy my presentations. I’m finding that although the plaudits are nice, I keep going back for more simply because I enjoy singing, plaudits or not.

    I’m rather upset at the time of this writing that my Laryngitis seems to be hanging on relentlessly and singing, for the time being, is not what my throat needs — I have learned patience over the years but this unwelcome interruption is sorely testing it.

    I’ve become comfortable with some Elvis, some Willie Nelson and some show tunes which can be a hit depending on the location. I’m anxious to continue preparing additional Neil Diamond and one particularly challenging piece from The Phantom Of The Opera,The Music of the Night. That’s a bit heavy for many karaoke venues but there are some attended by actors and singers from local theatres where that might be found acceptable. Progress on that preparation is tabled until my throat heals.

    Snoopy from the Charles Schulz comic strip, Peanuts, has stated he “lives to dance.” I’m beginning to feel that I live to sing. I think it’s going to be an interesting trip.

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