Sunday, February 17, 2013

Frank Sinatra, James Young and Me

    Ever since I began singing Sinatra songs at various karaoke venues, I’ve been told of a local singer who has become a celebrated Sinatra impersonator. Finally, I had the opportunity to meet this famous impersonator and he is everything I’d been told he was.

    Entertaining, affable and crowd friendly this man, James Young, does the “Chairman of the Board” proud. James in the piano bar atmosphere (sans piano) engaged his audience with pleasant banter only a small intimate setting can allow.

    James will tell you during the course of the evening about his former career as a police officer and that he is now free to enjoy his new career as “Frank Sinatra”. He was visited last evening by a former police Captain, now retired, who was once his supervisor.

    In the same manner of professional gentleman as Frank was, he offered me the mike to do one of the few songs I knew the words to without the crutch of a karaoke tele-prompter. I felt honored and I was pleased that I remembered most of the words. (He coached me on a couple of the lyrics like the gentleman he is.)

    In his new career he is sometimes joined by Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonators for a glimpse back at the post-Bogart “Rat Pack” days. When not joined by the others, James will insert some Dean Martin of his own for his act.

    James website is at for information about his itinerary and event schedule. He is a frequent performer in the Columbia, Pa, restaurant, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen at the corner of Lancaster Avenue and Cherry street.

    Even if you are not a Sinatra fan, an evening at Prudhomme’s with their menu, pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and James Young entertaining would be an evening well spent.

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