Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music for Everyone

    No less a personage than Friedrich Nietzsche, the noted German philosopher, poet and composer, said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” I concur.

    Anyone taking the time for even a casual glance at some of my blog entries will see that music holds a significant place in my life. I became a music lover more than 60 years ago with 45 rpm vinyl records of Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Beethoven symphonies, Rossini overtures and all the pop stars of the 50’s as well as some from earlier decades.

    I moved from mere listening to actual participation when I joined the church choir and the high school Glee Club. I also played the trombone and the baritone horn in the high school band. In the Navy, I sang in the Bluejackets choir.

    After the Navy, I returned to mere listener status for many years for no particular reasons except, probably, lack of both opportunity and motivation. Until recently.

    I found an affordable used trombone and a baritone horn and have been concentrating on reviving the talents I once was confident of. I’ve added to those instruments a penny whistle (I’ve nearly mastered “Amazing Grace” and am working on the melody played by Jean Luc Picard on his Ressikan flute in the Star Trek:TNG episode, “The Inner Light”).

    Vocally, I have reawakened the singing voice I once enjoyed by participating in various karaoke events I’ve spoken of in other blog entries. I doubt I’ll ever stop enjoying karaoke; however, the number of people wishing to participate places a limit on the number of songs any one performer will have time to do during the course of the evening.

    So, I ranged about looking for other outlets to pursue my singing interests. I have found that outlet with the Music For Everyone Community Chorus. In my blog entry on January 3, “Music, Monks and Mortality,” I spoke of the joy of music exhibited by Andre Rieu and the members of his Johann Strauss Orchestra. I have seen that same joie de musique in the singers in the Community Chorus and their cheerful director, A. J. Walker.

    This group of non-professional singers under the tutelage and expert direction of A. J. (who is also the Director of Music at Linden Hall School) is performing most professionally. The repertoire is far from traditional but the love of music by ALL is the driving force which ensures you will enjoy any presentation you are fortunate enough to experience.

    I have been welcomed by this group and I am happy to be one of them.

                                               You may not have heard of Community Chorus.
                                                                       You will.
                                                    They are not an up and coming group.
                                                                    They’re here.

                                                                       #  #  #

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